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Dr. William Rassman Discusses Hair Loss Treatment and Prevention

by Angela Santoriello

There is nothing like going right to the source. When it comes to hair loss this is the best course of action and Frontiers Media took the route by seeking out the advice of a New Hair Institute (NHI) expert Dr. William Rassman in a Q&A article.

Back in the day Bosley Medical Group was known for helping men with hair loss in 1989. Commercials aired lending hope to balding men who purchased the guaranteed hair plug surgeries that offered a whole new look and life. But in a few years, the inconsistent measures that left men coming back for further treatments frustrated Rassman, who then founded NHI.

“We immediately set out to re-engineer the barbaric and deforming surgical procedures that were in use at that time,” said Rassman. “We pioneered a new method of harvesting hair grafts and transplanting these grafts in a way that created a natural look for the patient. These new methods were published in leading medical journals and peer reviewed journals.”

However, no matter how magical the method, some scarring is left after hair transplant surgery said Rassman. By using the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) or the ARTAS robotic system, slight circular scarring will appear on the back of head, but “can be concealed by the hair,” he added.

But what is FUE? According to the NHI website and Rassman, the 1996 surgical method “developed extracted individual Follicular Units (containing between 1-4 hairs each) with a specialized 0.9mm punch,” and proved long-term results with less disfigurement. “The technique obviated the need for a linear strip which, at time, leaves behind a linear scar in the donor area,” he added.

Using the ARTAS system, a robotic tool patented by Rassman and his partner Dr. Jae Pak, the precise extraction has proved to be an overwhelming success. By both “eliminating the eye strain and the physical fatigue for the surgeon when performing the repetitive motions for FUE” and reducing “repetitive hand motions with manual FUE stress the surgeon’s hand and wrist” the extra electronic hand is now used worldwide, according to the website.

Asked about the competing technique NeoGraft Surgery, Rassman raved about his peer Dr. Pascal Boudjema’s invention similar to ARTAS. “I am good friends with its inventor, Dr. Pascal Boudjema. I also hold many patents used in the NeoGraft,” said Rassman, adding like the ARTAS, NeoGraft is a fine tuned instrument that assists doctors performing FUE surgery. “I must point out these great technologies do not mean any doctor will produce great results. There is still the human factor of artistry involved in cosmetic surgery.”

For those that wish to stay awake and away from the knife, Rassman said Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP), a non-surgical option, is the new “in” thing.” “SMP is a great option for those who realize hair transplant surgery may not be what they are looking for. SMP can give a bald man the look of a shaved head without the unattractive rim of hair,” added Rassman.

If you or someone you know would like more information about hair loss and how to treat it, please feel free to schedule a consultation or contact one of our representatives today!

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