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Do You Want a Thicker Beard? Here's How You Get It

by April Maguire

When it comes to facial hair, guys can either grow or they can't. Sure, there is a widely held belief that the more you shave, the thicker it'll grow in, but sadly that isn't always true. As a result, there are millions of men out there who can only dream of having a thick, luscious beard or an enviable mustache. Now, however, those men may be in luck, as some industrious individuals have been trying to different methods to allow facial hair to grow in thicker, and fortunately they may have come upon a solution.

Creating Thickness

Growing new hair is a challenge, and despite the rampant problem of thinning and baldness, health and beauty companies are yet to develop a reliable method for doing so. For some men, Rogaine and Propecia have proven sporadically effective, but even when these solutions work, they still can't be used to regrow facial hair. So if you're looking to beef up your beard, what can you do?

As it turns out, the solution may not be to actually grow new hairs, but rather to allow the hairs that you do have appear thicker. And that is where a product called Latisse comes into play. The drug at the core of this product is a synthetic hormone known as bimatoprost, which was originally developed as a treatment to glaucoma. Scientists later discovered it was incredibily effective at thickening and lengthening eyelashes. Subsequently Latisse has been used as a solution to hair loss and, most recently, as a way to thicken beards.

While Latisse can give you thicker facial hair, there are some drawbacks though. Currently, Latisse is only available with a prescription, which is going to be difficult to obtain if your plan is to use it to thicken your beard. Luckily, there are alternatives on the market. Products called prostaglandin analogues, which perform the same function as bimatoprost, have been popping up all over the place. Just look for eyelash enhancers or growth serums.

Be aware though that some of these products can be expensive. ranging from about $20 all the way up to over $150. And once again, remember, these products will not help you to grow hair where it doesn't already exist. So if you're looking to add a manly beard to your baby-face, none of the Latisse-like options will help. But if you've got a beard or mustache that's a little thinner than you'd like, then these products can quickly and easily help you to thicken it up.

So if your facial hair situation is less than ideal, give one of these products a shot. There are virtually no side effects, and the upside can be life-changing.

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