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Could a New Super Drug Cure Arthritis, Eczema and Hair Loss?

by April Maguire

Every year, billions of dollars are spent on various scientific studies around the world. At the outset, each of these studies has a specific set of agendas and goals, and yet some of the greatest scientific discoveries over the years have been made almost entirely by accident. Such was the case recently, when a team of scientists working on a completely unrelated project managed to develop a new drug that could lead to cures for arthritis, eczema and hair loss.

An Accidental Discovery

Initially, the team of researchers was looking to find a way to improve treatment for people suffering from blood cancer. As a means of treating cancer, many patients undergo stem call transplants. Unfortunately, nearly 80% of the patients who receive this treatment experience a complication wherein the transplanted cells perceive the patient's existing cells as a foreign threat and begin attacking them.

The team believed they had discovered a solution to this problem in the form of a protein found within the umbilical cords of expecting mothers. When women are pregnant, their bodies create a genetic compound that stops their immune systems from attacking their babies in utero. For their study, the researchers harvested this protein from umbilical cord blood that had been donated by pregnant women. And surprisingly, they discovered that this unique protein had many more potential uses.

Why Arthritis, Eczema and Hair Loss?

Although arthritis, eczema and hair loss seem like radically different conditions, they actually all have the same root cause. Each of these conditions is the result of the body’s immune system attacking otherwise healthy cells. So it's possible to effectively treat all of these conditions using a cream infused with the genetic protein that the researchers were studying.

These results are preliminary and it will still take years to create a viable cream, but this discovery is very promising news. In America alone, experts estimate that roughly 35 million adults and children suffer from eczema. Additionally, more than six million have alopecia and a staggering 50 million adults in the United States reportedly suffer from some form of arthritis.

A simple cream that could effectively cure all of these conditions would improve the quality of life for tens of millions of people around the world. Also, this area of research could lead to breakthroughs for other diseases. And who knows what kind of accidental discoveries scientists will make in the future?

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