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Constant Hair Style Changes Can Lead to Hair Loss

by Jane Meggitt

It is fun to experiment with a new look. If you’re blessed with a decent head of hair, you may be tempted to try all sorts of styles, and possibly colors. While there’s nothing wrong with occasionally changing your “do,” constantly changing your hair style can lead to hair loss.

The Worst Culprits

Certain styles are more likely to cause hair loss than others. The worst culprits for hair loss include any styles constantly pulling on the hair. That tension weakens hair, and you could end up with bald patches as hair stops its growing cycle. Cornrows and tight braids are the best examples of hair pulling, but even a tight ponytail or bun puts your tresses at risk. So do tight barrettes or similar hair ornaments. Once upon a time, traction alopecia - the formal name for hair loss from tight styles – was known as “ballerina bun.” Yes, those incredible dancers often lost hair from constantly wearing it in a tight bun for practice and performance. Unfortunately, traction alopecia is generally permanent, as the hair follicles are seriously harmed.

If you often wear your hair tightly braided and notice that your center part is widening, that’s a red alert. It’s a sign of early balding, and your best bet is not only to change your hairstyle, but to visit your doctor.

Hair Extensions

Even if the hair isn’t your own, if it’s on your head, it can cause your actual hair to fall out. Hair extensions, whether glued on or sewn in, are a major cause of traction alopecia. If you love hair extensions, just make sure you go to a professional specializing in their application. Well-trained stylists will not put extensions on too tightly. For best results, visit your stylist every month for basic maintenance and rotation of the extensions. Putting the extensions on different hairs means no area is under long-term stress.

Blow Drying

Lots of styles require proper blow drying, but hot air is not good for your hair. Of course, natural drying isn’t practical for many people, so keep blow drying to a minimum and avoid the higher settings. Hot air weakens hair shafts, making them brittle and more likely to break.

Styles for Thinning Hair

If you experience hair loss, ask your stylist about ways to disguise it. Long hair is out – go for a short or shoulder-length cut. A side part can hide hair loss on the top of your head.

If you or someone you know would like to learn more about hair loss and how to treat it, please feel free to schedule a consultation or contact one of our representatives today!

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