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Common Beauty Mistakes

by Matthew Dello Russo

Whether it’s the wrong haircut or the wrong makeup choice, there are countless pitfalls in the world of beauty. Some will age you, some will date you, and some will even change your look for the worse!

We’ve compiled a list of no-no’s from some of the biggest names in the beauty and skincare game, and they’re pulling the plug on some bad habits that they’ve seen on the streets.

Avoid these common mistakes to look your best, day in and day out!

Baby Blue Eye Shadow

This is definitely one of the toughest eye shadow colors to pull off. Elizabeth Arden Global Makeup Artist Rebecca Restrepo compares baby blue eye shadow - even matte or shiny finishes - to one of the most dated hues. “It’s very ’70s, but in an unflattering way that doesn’t complement many women and their skin.”

Too Much Blush

Applying blush, especially in bright or shimmery colors, is too harsh. Avoid applying these blushes too high, as it gives off an unsophisticated and unnatural vibe.

Keep it just to the apples of your cheeks instead of drawing a thick stripe for a classy, low-maintenance look.

Celebrity Do’s

See a hairstyle named after a celebrity or athlete? Avoid it! They don’t stay trendy for long and it can actually end up dating your look. Celebrity colorist Beth Minardi says that a lot of women try to copy a celebrity’s hairstyle thinking that they will look more like that star.

“The problem is that these women don’t see what’s looking back at them in the mirror. Maybe at one point in time, ‘The Rachel’ and ‘The Farrah Fawcett’ were in, but that’s definitely not the case anymore,” she says.

Super Short Styles with Shaved Edges

Minardi also notes that a shaved neck, especially on women with a more mature look, is like the ‘hot pants’ of the face.

“It’s an unflattering look that no one should wear, especially when the hair is shaved all the way down and longer in the front and shorter in the back. This look is such a no-no.”

Burgundy Disaster

While the color itself may have been a big hit in the 80’s, burgundy isn’t very flattering for most skin tones.

“I don’t like it on anyone over the age of 25. It’s not a color that you see in nature and it’s really dated at this point,” warns Minardi.

Frosted Tips and Ice-White Hair

If you’ve got naturally dark hair, you should avoid going too blonde or adding in ice-white highlights, says Minardi.

“Unless your hair is naturally silver, avoid it. It’s so brittle-looking and the only way to possibly pull it off is by wearing the right makeup that goes along with it, which many women don’t do.”

Overly Long Locks

Think mermaid locks are in? Think again!

Marina Perkovic, Phyto Universe technician says that even younger women should stay away from super long hair, especially if it’s shapeless, full of split ends, unhealthy and unkempt. “It’s better to keep your style current.”

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