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Can Caffeine Prevent Hair Loss?

by Jane Meggitt


You can’t get through the day without a few cups of java. The caffeine in your coffee keeps you bright-eyed and ready to get to work, but caffeine may also get to work on your hair and prevent hair loss. A German company is marketing caffeine-infused shampoos and claims its products prevent hair loss in both men and women. That’s true even if hair loss is hereditary, as in male and female pattern baldness.

Energizing Hair Follicle Roots

Exactly how does applying caffeine topically to the hair prevent future fallout? The caffeine appears to energize hair follicle roots, right down to the molecular level. This additional energy protects the follicle and stimulates hair growth. Caffeine also helps suppress androgenetic alopecia, better known as male pattern baldness. In addition, it suppresses DHT, a male hormone that can lead to thinning hair. No, you can’t drink your way to healthy hair via caffeine – you’d have to consume 60 cups a day.

Maintenance, Not Restoration

Caffeine-infused shampoo can maintain current hair health and prevent hair loss, but it cannot restore hair that has already fallen out. That’s why these products are more useful for younger people who want to prevent hair loss in the first place, rather than those already experiencing bald patches. Since women often develop hair loss after menopause, they may benefit most from using caffeine-based shampoo prior to the “change of life.” The manufacturer of these caffeine shampoos, Germany’s Dr. Wolff Group, markets shampoos targeted for different demographics. Alpecin is for men, while Plantur 21 is designed for young women and Plantur 39 for older females.

Not Greasy, Easy to Use

There are other caffeine-infused shampoos available, but many of these do not have the science behind them and actually contain too much caffeine. Excess caffeine in a shampoo can result in greasy hair. That’s not the case with Dr. Wolff Group products, which contain less caffeine but are completely effective. In fact, these shampoos were created for consumers who want a product that doesn’t take a lot of time to apply and use. A two-minute daily wash is all that’s needed to allow the hair roots to absorb the caffeine. Just as you need that morning cup of coffee to start your day, your hair needs it own caffeine boost. If you prefer to wash your hair in the evening rather than the a.m., you don’t have to worry that caffeine will keep your hair awake!

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