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Brothers Undergo Dual Hair Transplants

by Greg S

Two brothers from the United Kingdom are taking family bonding to new heights by undergoing hair transplant surgery together.

All in the Family

Barry and Brian Cowan, from Wishaw in North Lanarkshire, are making hair transplant history by undergoing the surgery together. The two brothers have struggled with baldness for the better half of the past decade. Finally, enough was enough, and they opted for a follicular unit extraction (FUE) procedure at The Glasgow Clinic in Glasgow, Scotland.

The Amazing Follicular Bros.

The FUE hair transplant allows for hair to be transplanted from donor sites one by one. During the operation, hairs are taken from the scalp using a ‘punching’ extraction application to remove the complete follicular units. Once completed, each individual unit is re-implanted using very thin blades or needles to create new incisions. Patients can expect to see a difference four to six months after the grafts.

Brothers in Arms …and Hair?

29-year-old Barry has admitted he always wanted to have a hair transplant, but having his brother along for the ride made his decision that much easier. According to Barry, “The fact that my brother and I are doing it together is a real bonus. We've always been really close growing up and making decisions like this together is nothing new to us.”

Going (and eventually growing) through the process together will bolster the confidence of both brothers while also proving a unique bonding experience. Barry says, "We'll be able to see each other's results first-hand and that should keep us amused for a while.”

Feeling Self-Conscious over Male Pattern Baldness

Despite his lighthearted outlook on FUE transplant surgery, Barry is first to admit the emotional trauma that hair loss has had on his personal and professional life. "I think losing your hair has an emotional effect on some people. It did with me. I admit, I'm self-conscious about it but I'm not really bothered what others think when it comes to the actual hair transplant. It's just something that I want to do."

Older brother Brian, age 30, agrees with his brother. As a model and property developer Brian recognized how impactful having a full head of hair can be. "I started noticing my hair disappearing gradually a few years ago," he said. Brian believes his hair transplant will boost not only his career but his confidence as well. "In my profession it's not something that goes unnoticed. I'll quite happily admit that it started to make me feel less confident. Brian admits that FUE will help him in the dating scene as well, “I'm a 30-year-old single guy and I started losing my hair. Now I want to do something about it.”

Despite living with sporadic bouts of negative self-perception, the brothers are actually quite a confident pair- and these transplants are only going to amplify their self-esteem and ‘broternal bond’. "Hopefully being upfront about our procedures will encourage others to go ahead. I think in a few years' time, hair transplants will just become the norm. At the end of the day it's your own hair, you're just having it moved to another part of your head."

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