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6 Common Hair Loss Myths Debunked

by April Maguire

Hair loss is a staggeringly common problem. By some estimates, more than 3/4 of people will suffer from some degree of thinning or loss at some point in their lives. Because the issue is so prevalent, a lot of myths have developed concerning hair loss. Here are six of the most common.

Stress Causes Hair Loss

We've all heard this one, right? Certainly, stress can wreak havoc on our body, so there may be a grain of truth to this myth. But in general, only serious, acute stressful events, such as a major accident or the loss of a loved one, can shock your body enough to induce hair loss.

Not Changing Shampoos Leads to Shedding

There's a theory that using the same shampoo for months or years on end infuses the same nutrients and chemicals while stripping the same oils, leading to a type of hair fatigue. Sounds a little far-fetched, doesn't it? Well, it should because it's not true.

Cutting Your Hair Can Make it Grow

Does getting a haircut stimulate your scalp and cause your hair to grow in thicker? Sadly no. In fact, cutting your hair has little effect on it at all. Hair is created by the follicles, so if you want to change it in any way, you have to do something to affect them, and no type of hair cut, not even a close buzz, can do that.

Using Certain Products Will Cause Baldness

Do you shy away from gel, mousse and hairspray out of fear that they'll make you go bald? Well, you shouldn't. These type of products don't have any direct effect on the growth rate of your hair, unless you're using ones that are loaded with inorganic, harsh chemicals. But so long as you avoid those, you should feel free to style away.

Wearing Hats Leads to Hair Loss

If your hair needed to breathe, then wearing a hat could cause it to weaken and fall out. Fortunately, your hair doesn't absorb its nutrition from the atmosphere. Instead, it gets everything it needs from your scalp. So don't be afraid of using a hat to cheer on your favorite team or block out the sun.

Hair Loss Comes From Your Mother

This one is an oldie but a goodie. Since baldness more commonly strikes men, there's a counterintuitive appeal to the notion that the underlying gene comes from the mother. But as compelling as the idea is, it's not universally true. By some estimates, there are nearly 300 genes that can cause hair loss, and while a lot of them come from the mother, a lot of them come from the father too.

Hair loss is a complicated and complex issue. Sadly, even if we busted all the myths associated with it, new ones would rise up and take their place.

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