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5 Tips for Natural Hair Loss Prevention

Hair loss is a totally common problem—but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s unsightly, embarrassing, and can make a person look older than they really are. Fortunately, modern technology has made it possible to permanently treat hair loss in both men and women. Permanent hair transplants and hair restoration re-grow hair from a patient’s scalp, making a full head of hair a reality. But these treatments require some degree of commitment—they are, after all, surgical procedures and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Before deciding on a permanent hair loss solution, people who suffer from balding may be interested in taking a simpler route. The following list of five tips for natural hair loss prevention won’t take you from Yoda to Chewbacca, but they may help improve the state of your hair loss.

1.Saw Palmetto.This natural herb is one of the most popular choices for natural hair loss prevention. Saw Palmetto has an anti-androgenic effect, which makes it effective at treating male pattern baldness caused by androgens. Saw Palmetto is also used to improve prostate health, which is closely linked to hair loss. By lowering DHT levels, Saw Palmetto can help to clear hair growth blockages caused by androgens. Saw Palmetto is widely available at health food stores in capsule form.

2. Keep Your Existing Hair Healthy. It may seem like a lost cause, but it’s important to treat the hair that’s left with great care. Stay away from tight-fitting hats, ponytails, or other tight hairstyles that could constrict blood flow. Cut off split ends, condition it, and keep it detangled: it’ll give the appearance of more hair and keep it from falling out, too.

3. Massage.It’s a well-known fact that massage helps circulatory functions throughout the body. Rubbing, kneading, and pressing stimulate blood flow—and it doesn’t hurt that it feels awesome. Capillary blockage is one of the most common causes of hair loss, so massaging the scalp can help get things flowing again. Visiting a professional for a scalp massage is wonderful, yet expensive. Try massaging your own scalp on a daily basis, or ask your significant other.

4. Essential oils.While you’re massaging your scalp, you may want to enhance the experience with some essential oils. Rosemary and horsetail oil stimulate blood flow to hair follicles. Nettle root oil is rich in lipids and Vitamin A, hair growth essentials. Aloe vera has been traditionally used by Native American tribes to promote hair loss, as it balances the scalp’s pH levels.

5. Detox Time! If you want to get a head-start on hair loss prevention, try detoxifying. A solution called Polysorbate-80 is commonly added to foods to keep them debris-free. It works similarly on the scalp, by getting rid of topical cholesterol and DHT buildup. A full-body detox by way of fiber supplements or a strict juice diet isn’t a bad idea, either.

Beyond Natural Hair Loss Prevention

If you’re just starting to see signs of hair loss, following these tips for natural hair loss prevention is an ideal first step. But if you have major hair loss or haven’t had success with prior treatments, it may be time to try permanent hair transplants or hair restoration. Hair Loss Specialists is dedicated to providing reliable information on permanent hair loss procedures and treatments. We can also schedule you a consultation with a hair transplant surgeon in your area in your area. Contact our representatives today!

--Marisa Amorsak

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