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4 Tips to Keep Your Hair Looking Beautiful All Year Long

by April Maguire

Maintaining a radiant head of hair throughout the year can be challenging. Between environmental damage and daily wear and tear, your hair takes a lot of abuse, so you need to take the right steps to keep your flowing locks looking healthy and radiant. If you’ve noticed that your hair gets dull and lifeless at times, then it may be time to switch up your hair care routine, and here are four helpful tips to get you started.

Keep a Hair Healthy Diet

The first step to improving the health of your hair is to take a look at what you‘re putting into your body. In order to look great year round, your hair needs to consistently receive the vitamins and nutrients that will allow it to thrive. In particular, your hair needs steady doses vitamin A, vitamin E and iron, so make sure that leafy greens, nuts and fish are a part of your weekly meal plan.

Learn About Your Products

Do you read the labels on all of your products? If not, you should start. Many products contain harsh, synthetic chemicals that could be doing more harm than good. Even if your products aren’t damaging your hair outright, they could be irritating your scalp or causing a mild allergic reaction. In order to figure out what products work best for your hair type, learn your ingredients and avoid any that are detrimental to your hair’s health.

Preserve Your Color

Regularly coloring your hair can make caring for it even trickier. For starters, you want to avoid dyes that are loaded with chemicals that can make your hair dry and fragile. Once you’ve found a dye that works for you, consult with your stylist about products that will fortify your hair without stripping out the dye. By properly preserving your color, you can take longer between treatments and expose your hair to fewer chemicals throughout the year.

Protect Your Hair Against the Elements

You probably already check the weather to pick out your clothes for the day, and that same weather report can be invaluable for your hair care regimen. On particularly sunny days, for example, you may want to wear a hat or some other type of covering to protect yourself from harsh UV rays, which can damage your hair. On colder days, you’ll want to increase your moisturizing routine in order to fight against dryness and give your hair much-needed hydration.

Keeping a proper hair care regimen throughout the year can be a challenge. By taking the time to learn what your hair needs to stay healthy, you can go a long way to keeping it looking beautiful and radiant all year long.

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