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3 Things Every Woman Should Know About Hair Loss

by April Maguire

For many women, dealing with hair loss can be incredibly aggravating. And if you think it won't happen to you, then think again. According to the numbers, 20% of women over the age of 25 say that they're dealing with some degree of hair loss, and for women over the age of 50, that number climbs to close to 50%. If those stats sound scary, well, have no fear, because here are some simple facts that help explain hair loss and offer ways to reverse it.

Most Hair Loss is Genetic

It may not provide much comfort, but you should know that the vast majority of hair loss is completely beyond your control. Your genes govern everything about your body, including how tall you are, the color of your eyes and, you guessed it, whether or not you lose your hair. The main cause of hair loss in women is female-pattern baldness, a genetic condition like male pattern baldness, which occurs when follicles shrink, producing finer and finer hairs until eventually they stop producing hair entirely.

But There Are Other Factors

Unfortunately, hair loss comes in many different shapes and sizes, and many conditions can cause you to shed your lovely locks. For example, medical conditions such as a thyroid or hormonal imbalance can result in hair loss. Alternatively, your diet can play a huge role in your hair's overall health. If you don't get the right vitamins and nutrients, or if you don't get enough of them, then your hair can suffer. Also, if you're a fan of crash dieting or severely minimizing your calorie intake, you should know that your hair is non-essential, and your body will instinctively deliver nutrients to other areas first. So make sure you're filling your system with enough nutrition to go around.

There is Hope

All of this probably makes your hair sound far more delicate than it actually is, and many of the myths you've heard about hair loss simply aren't true. For example, a small amount of stress isn't going to make you go bald. Neither for that matter will brushing your hair or using the same shampoo for months, or even years, on end. Plus, if you do start suffering from hair loss, there are steps you can take. For genetic hair loss, topical treatments like minoxidil can reverse the problem. And if your hair loss is caused by medical, environmental or lifestyle factors, then correcting the problem usually leads to hair regrowth.

No woman wants to lose her hair, but you should be prepared in the event that you do. Ultimately, the best course of action is to monitor the situation, speak with your doctor about the cause of the hair loss, and then take whatever steps are necessary to correct it.

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