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Can Dry Shampoo Wreck Your Hair?

by April Maguire

For people looking to change up their hair care routine, dry shampoo has been a revelation. In addition to giving you a simple, easy way to keep your hair clean, dry shampoo also offers a number of overall benefits to your hair and scalp. Sadly though, stories are starting to surface that the product may not be as helpful as previously thought. In fact, according to one frequent user, Nicole Baxter, dry shampoo led to her developing a bald spot on her scalp.

The Benefits of Dry Shampoo

By now, you've likely heard about the wonders of dry shampoo. First and foremost, dry shampoo is incredibly convenient, allowing you to get the oil and grime out of your hair without having to shampoo and condition in the shower, saving you time. Additionally, dry shampoo removes the heavy grease from your hair and scalp, giving your lovely locks more volume and bounce.

But the potential benefits of dry shampoo extend far beyond how much better it can make your hair look. Shampooing and conditioning every day can throw off the natural balance of your scalp and strip your hair of natural oils. This imbalance sometimes causes your body to create more oil to compensate, which is why your hair starts to feel greasy after only a day. Alternating regular shampoo and conditioner with dry shampoo helps to correct this problem. Also, since you don't have to dry your hair after using dry shampoo, you can save your hair from being damaged by high-heat blow dryers.

Can Dry Shampoo Destroy Your Hair?

Recently, a woman named Nicole Baxter documented her dry shampoo horror story on Facebook. After using dry shampoo regularly, Baxter claims that her scalp became flaky and itchy, and that she experienced a burning sensation on her head. In fact, the problem became so serious that Baxter developed blisters and sores on her scalp, and the pain was so intense that it woke her up in the night. As if these problems weren't bad enough, Baxter also reportedly developed a bald patch on her head, all from using dry shampoo.

Ultimately, Baxter's doctor diagnosed her with triangular alopecia, which is a temporary type of hair loss that results in small patches of baldness. After she stopped using dry shampoo, all of Baxter's other symptoms went away, but the bald patch remained.

So how typical is Baxter's experience? Given the millions of people who use dry shampoo every day, it would seem that this reaction was extremely rare. Still, this story shows that different people can have wildly different reactions to the same product. If you find that a product in your line-up is causing you any kind of discomfort, you should stop using it and consult with a physician.

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