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Helpful Remedies to Four Common Scalp Problems

by April Maguire

When it comes to hair care, most of us only focus on the appearance and feel of our flowing locks, but the health of your scalp plays a vital roll in the overall health of your hair. In fact, common hair concerns, such as excessive oil, actually start with problems in the scalp. Fortunately, most scalp issues have simple remedies, and here are four of the most common problems and suggestions for how to fix them.

Itchy Scalp

Having a dry, itchy scalp can be irritating, and all of that scratching can easily result in breakage. Most often, an overly dry or itchy scalp is the result of improper diet, hormonal changes or simply the weather. If you want to improve your skin’s hydration, then use an exfoliating scalp mask at least twice a week to remove dead cells and to infuse your scalp and hair with much-needed moisture.

Excess Oil

When people have excess oil on their scalp, most experts recommend only shampooing every other day, but this solution isn’t viable for everyone. For example, people with finer hair need to shampoo more often, and sometimes skipping a day or two between shampoos can actually cause your body to create more oil. Instead, try an exfoliating scalp mask, which can clean out the oil ducts in your scalp and help regulate your body’s oil production.


Although dandruff is commonly thought of as a dry scalp issue, it can also be the result of an oil imbalance or indicative that skin cells are turning over too quickly. The best ways to combat troublesome dandruff is by using an exfoliating scalp mask regularly and by switching your normal shampoo to an antibacterial option. Both of these remedies will help to normalize your scalp and eliminate unsightly flakes.

Dull Hair

Is your hair losing some of its natural bounce and shine? If so, this problem could be the result of a dirty or flaky scalp preventing your hair from getting the natural oils and nutrients it needs. In order to bring some of the life back to your locks, brush your hair regularly to help distribute the oils. Additionally, it might be a good idea to get a monthly scalp treatment to infuse your hair with added shine and body.

Problems with your scalp can wreak havoc on your hair. Once you properly identify issues with your scalp, however, you can implement a remedy that will keep your hair looking full and radiant.

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