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'Cause It's Long and It's Strong and Her Hair's Got It Going On

by Angela Santoriello

Long hair: those two words alone evoke sexiness and style, with most women wanting a gorgeous mane that would make Jennifer Aniston jealous. Unless you’re using a weave or extensions, however, having long and healthy hair is not an easy feat to accomplish.

Chemical processing, heated styling tools and genetics are three of the top problems standing in the way of luscious locks, but there are ways to fight combat them. Offering 13 tips just in time for summer, the Fashion Spot explains how a healthy diet helps hair grow.

“Eating natural, whole foods makes a huge difference in the appearance and the health of your hair,” Diane C. Bailey, SheaMoisture beauty ambassador, author and celebrity stylist tells the website. “Opt for nutritious foods like iron-rich dark green leafy veggies, omega-3-rich salmon, fruits of all colors, a high-protein diet from lean meat, nuts or beans, foods rich in B vitamins and biotin like whole grains or eggs.”

Along with specific foods, certain vitamin supplements stimulate hair growth. “Biotin, a B vitamin, has been shown to promote growth in thinning hair,” says the Fashion Spot, also noting that hairstylists and dermatologists alike recommend Viviscal for lengthier, fuller locks. “The supplement contains amino acids and marine extracts and has been shown to help with hair thickness and regrowth.”

While diet and vitamins are vital for healthy hair, so is product use and pampering. Sulfate-free, energizing and hydrating cleansers and brands are key according to Rihanna's stylist Ursula Stephen, who suggests avocado and coconut oil that moisturize and penetrate the hair. “Spearmint and peppermint oils are also great,” adds Stephens, noting that “they help energize the scalp, increasing circulation and promoting healthy hair growth.”

The perfect amount of moisturizer is a main factor in long hair, with too little or too much counteracting the point of the softening cream. While the celebrity stylist suggests daily conditioning as well as leave-in treatments, she specifies that “a weekly deep moisturizing regimen is a must. Take some time to sit with a deep conditioner specially formulated for your hair type.” That being said, over-conditioning has its problems, too. It leads to hygral fatigue, Stephen tells the Fashion Spot, a problem where the hair’s protein binding structure weakens, causing the hair to stretch and then break.

Avoiding alcohol-based products, chemical treatments and heat styling tools—all of which make for awesome hair days— should be halted for periods of time to prevent damage such as breakage. But when you do indulge in styling tools and products, it’s important to use tools proper for your hair type, Bailey further explains to the Fashion Spot.

Sleeping with a silk pillowcase to reduce friction and using a wide-tooth comb or finger combing your hair rather than using a brush are also ways to help aid in healthy hair growth. “When your hair is wet, it’s at its most fragile state. So when you detangle while wet, you’re more at risk for breakage,” says Stephen, suggesting a pre-shower detangling.

Lastly, loose styles and regular trims help tremendously when growing out hair. Stephen suggests occasionally wearing wigs, twisting, braiding or putting hair up in a bun to lessen long hair from breaking. And though scissors seem like a foe to long hair, they’re actually a friend. “If you don’t trim regularly, that split end can travel all the way to the root and cause breakage and possibly bald spots — negating all of your hard work,” Stephen tells the Fashion Spot.

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