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Luscious Locks Also Come with More Body Hair

by Angela Santoriello

Often we can’t see what is right in front of our eyes.

An awesome example is taking supplements to have strong healthy hair but then wondering why we are constantly having to schedule lunch break waxing or laser treatments to remove the speedy growth.

Glamour magazine makes this very obvious point. “Sure, they make your hair long and lustrous, but the results aren't geo-targeted—they make your hair grow all over your body too. Does this mean supplements and laser hair reduction shouldn't mix?” questions the magazine. “No. But you have to keep in mind that if you've paid for a laser package and you're also taking hair-growth-stimulators, you might need a few extra sessions.”

In knowing this, not only are women wiser, but they can plan accordingly. Scheduling a few extra hair free appointments with your salon can keep you smooth no matter how fast those hair supplements are making your hair grow. Or if you remove your own hair, then invest in quality skin conditioning products, be it depilatory cream or razors. It just makes sense that if you’re removing hair more often, you should not cut costs in the methods you use but rather assure they are the best for skin health.

Glamour reported how Gwyneth Paltrow, voted world’s most beautiful woman in 2013 by People, takes supplements to grow stronger hair. According to the magazine, the star takes Viviscal, a potent protein prevalent in fish-heavy diets. The report comment thread offers positive feedback with one reader saying “I've heard so many models use it. I'm trying to grow out my bob, and I think I might indulge.”

The genius behind the hair growth supplement is Dr. Alan Bauman. The Pennsylvania practicing physician leads the comment board, claiming he has “had good success with Viviscal supplements for our thinning hair and hair loss patients at Bauman Medical Group since the 1990's.” Noting it will not “regrow dead follicles,” but rather strengthen existing hair, the doctor further describes the product at his website.

In the first month of use, “hair follicles are nourished through consistent intake of nutrients and marine protein in each tablet,” and in the second month, “thin and wispy hair is strengthened through increased nourishment.” By month three, “breakage and thinning continues to decline, and existing hair appears healthier, and for the next few months hair “becomes stronger, healthier, and more vibrant as nutrients are replenished.”

Glamour reports that “seven clinical studies have found the pill to be effective at encouraging strong hair growth,” confirming the most beautiful woman in the world may just have something. However, be aware that the desired effects of hair supplements also lend to a little more leg work. “It's a trade-off, and it makes sense when you think about it,” says Glamour. “But, apparently, a lot of people don't make the connection.”

If you or someone you know would like to learn more about hair loss and how to treat it, please feel free to schedule a consultation or contact one of our representatives today!

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