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Promising Study Shows Nutrition Key to Fighting Female Hair Loss

by April Maguire

Although hair loss is traditionally thought of as a male problem, roughly half of all women over the age of 50 report experiencing thinning or lost hair. Even today, treatment options for hair loss are fairly limited, consisting mostly of topical creams or follicle transplantation. However, a new study seeks to determine if hair loss can be slowed or even reversed simply through nutritional supplements.

Causes of Female Hair Loss

As is the case with men, there are a number of factors that contribute to female hair loss. Naturally, heredity plays a key role. If your parents or grandparents experienced hair loss, then odds are you will as well. Another major factor is your personal diet. If you don’t give your body the vitamins and nutrients that it needs, it can be tough to maintain a full head of hair.

Additionally, excess strain or damage to your hair can cause it to thin or even fall out. Hair dyes, for example, can weaken the hair and strip it of vital nutrients. Also, styling your hair into tight ponytails or weighing it down with extensions can put undue stress on your hair, causing it to fall out.

So if one of more of these factors is working against you, what can you do to fight hair loss?

New Hair Loss Study

Recently, a team of researchers sought to determine if nutritional supplements could be used to mitigate female hair loss. The team identified a handful of specific nutrients that aid in the production and ongoing health of women’s hair, including vitamins C and E, lycopene, fish oil and black currant seed oil.

The women participating in the study were given supplements of these nutrients, and then monitored for a period of six months. The results were promising.

By the six-month mark, the women involved in the study were, on average, found to have increased hair density. The researchers also found that the women had significantly fewer hair follicles in the telogen, or dormant, phase of growth, which means that the women’s follicles were actively growing.

Moreover, nearly 90% of the women reported a noticeable decease in hair loss, and more than 80% said that their hair felt fuller and healthier after treatment.

More tests need to be done to prove that hair loss can be reduced through nutritional supplements. Still, this initial round of testing is a positive step, and the researchers are hopeful that they have unlocked a natural way to fight against female hair loss.

If you or someone you know would like to learn more about hair loss and how to treat it, please feel free to schedule a consultation or contact one of our representatives today!

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