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Hair Loss Threatens about One in Six Relationships in Singapore

by Alexandra Kilpatrick

According to a recent survey of Singaporean perceptions on balding, seven percent of Singaporeans would consider breaking up with their partners and a further 10 percent would be embarrassed about introducing partners to their friends and family, if said partners were suffering from hair loss.

Nearly 75 percent of the 600 respondents reported a more moderate response, claiming that they would urge their partners to seek treatment immediately.

The survey also displayed that hair loss tends to negatively affect first impressions. Men were more critical than women when it came to having a full head of healthy hair with about 66 percent of men agreeing that hair loss negatively affects first impressions.

In important social situations like business meetings, interviews or romantic dates, men placed more emphasis than women on making sure their hair is presentable.

Across nearly all age groups, hair loss was the second most common concern among men, at an average of 29 percent, after weight at 43 percent. Among 45 to 54 year olds, hair loss is the number one concern at 42 percent.

However, the men surveyed did not seem highly motivated to prevent hair loss, as 62 percent agreed that they could prevent premature hair loss but only 23 percent believed that treatments would work. Nearly half of the men surveyed agreed that hair loss is simply part of aging and of only one in four of those experiencing signs of hair loss sought treatment.

Women claimed they were more likely to see treatment earlier at the first sign of hair loss and seven percent more likely to urge their partners to seek treatment.

Researchers also asked respondents if they would be willing to give up luxuries like internet access, mobile phones or sex for a year in exchange for a full head of hair for the rest of their lives in order to gauge the perceived severity of hair loss among Singaporean men.

About seven in 10 men claimed they were willing to give up alcohol for a year to be free of hair loss, while 15 percent of the men surveyed said they would give up an entire year of their life in exchange for a full head of hair.

Compared to other international surveys, Singaporean men are about average in their willingness to escape hair loss.

About 10 percent of men in the Netherlands and only five percent in Denmark were willing to give up a year of life, but a whopping 46 percent in Hong Kong reported willingness to live shorter lives in order to be free of hair loss.

“While the results show that Singaporeans generally do care about hair and hair loss, there is also a lot of reluctance to ‘make a big deal’ about it, especially amongst men,” Kelvin Eng, Managing Director of Antzworkz, the research firm that conducted the Singapore study, told Your Health. “Being seen to care about their hair may be perceived as vanity or less ‘macho’ behavior, which leads to many men simply ignoring or avoiding the problem entirely.”

Dr. Kurt Wolff GmbH, inventor of Alpecin, a caffeine-based shampoo for the prevention of hair loss, commissioned the study, which polled 600 Singaporean respondents aged 25 years and older, between August and September 2013.

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