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Dr. Roger C. Mixter - Milwaukee, WI

5201 North Port Washington Rd.
Milwaukee, WI 53217
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A staple in Milwaukee cosmetic surgery, Dr. Roger Mixter offers the best technology and more than 20 years of experience at his renowned Clinic of Cosmetic Surgery. Among his many outstanding specialty services, Dr. Mixter and his staff offer the best in advanced hair restoration, the surgical solution to hereditary hair loss that has been changing lives all across Milwaukee. Read More

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Hair restoration in Milwaukee is a precise, surgical technique that serves as the only natural, PERMANENT hair loss treatment available. With procedures performed by Dr. Mixer or another board certified hair transplant surgeon, Milwaukee patients can experience incredible results that come to full fruition in less than a year's time. During a hair transplantation procedure, a patient will have donor hairs, or follicular units, removed from the side of his or her head. These hairs will then serve as grafts to be placed in the thinning sections of the patient's scalp. Because hairs from the side of the head are genetically predisposed never to shed, you can be sure your transplanted, living hairs will be permanent. Plus, because they are your own hair, they will always look completely natural!

Milwaukee hair transplants at Dr. Mixter's Clinic of Cosmetic Surgery usually take about four hours. The procedure is not very painful at all, and most patients recovery very quickly, able to return to their usual activities in less than a day. Results will begin to emerge after a few months, when the transplanted hairs have begun to grow again. And in another 6 months or so, the once thinning area will be filled in with full grown, great looking, REAL hair! It's the solution you've been waiting for, and you can learn more by scheduling your free consultation with Dr. Mixter's clinic today!

Dr. Mixter provides hair restoration procedures to Milwaukee (53217), Mequon, Germantown, Thiensville, Fox Point, Bayside, River Hills, Franklin, Cudahy and Wakesha.

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