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Top 5 Hair Loss Shampoos

Before the introduction of cutting-edge hair loss medications like Rogaine® and Propecia; before the development of state-of-the-art hair transplant surgery; the only available hair loss treatments were soaps, sprays and tonics pandered by the likes of questionable snake-oil salesmen to the embarrassed, balding masses.

Fortunately, along with today's wave of hair loss surgery options and prescription medications, newer, more effective hair loss shampoos, conditioners, foams and lotions have also emerged—to help receding hair lines on a day-to-day basis. But what makes today's hair loss shampoos and topicals any more effective than the mysterious hair loss potions of the past? To find out more about these treatments' active ingredients and how exactly they can assist with premature hair loss or thinning hair, we've compiled a list of five of today's most popular hair loss shampoos*.

Important Note: Before reading this list, please be aware that no shampoos currently available can literally regrow hair. If a hair follicle has become inactive, no topical product will be able to reverse that; what certain shampoos and treatments can do for hair loss patients is to prevent and treat the early signs of hair thinning and hair loss before they get worse.

1) Revivogen Biocleansing Shampoo

Revivogen Biocleansing Shampoo deeply cleanses and replenishes irritated scalps with a combination of aloe vera and menthol. To treat thin hair conditions, Revivogen uses anti-DHT action to prevent DHT saturation in the hair follicles and skin of the scalp. Additional proteins and nutrients moisturize hair and create a fuller hair appearance and texture.

Revivogen shampoo's primary ingredients include aloe vera, panthenol, silicone, saw palmetto berry extract, jojoba oil, niacin, soy protein, gamma linolenic acids and zinc.

Does it work? Revivogen hair loss shampoo users have said that regular use of Revivogen has decreased their hair loss while brushing and showering. This biocleansing shampoo also effectively cleanses the scalp and removes buildup. Revivogen's anti-DHT ingredients, like saw palmetto, prevent DHT from easily binding to sensitive hair follicles, which can help both type 1 and type 2 hair loss. Revivogen also uses aloe vera and menthol to soothe irritated scalps, and to help clear away dandruff.

2) Nioxin System 3

Nioxin is a popular brand of hair loss and hair care products. Nioxin currently has 8 different hair treatment systems, specifically formulated for different hair types and hair issues. The Nioxin System 3 targets hair loss patients with fine, thinning or chemically enhanced hair, and the treatment package typically includes the shampoo cleanser, a scalp therapy conditioner, and a leave-in scalp treatment. The Nioxin System 3 Cleanser is designed to remove hair buildup and residue, while targeting DHT at the hair follicles and using amino acids to strengthen and nourish thin hair.

Nioxin System 3's primary ingredients include hydrolyzed keratin, panthenol, biotin, pantothenic acid, folic acid, niacin, rosemary, superoxide dismutase, fennel seed and wheat protein.

Does it work? Nioxin's hair loss systems have helped many consumers enjoy a thicker, cleaner head of hair. Again, hair regrowth is not promised or achieved with this hair loss shampoo, but Nioxin has improved the overall hair health and quality of most consumers. Nioxin's ingredients provide strong antioxidant protection, moisturizing properties, and will effectively remove buildup so hair follicles won't be clogged or blocked.

3) Dermenodex Scalp Cleansing Shampoo

Dermenodex is a DHT-fighting hair loss shampoo that the company terms a "complete scalp wellness product". Dermenodex is recommended for all hair types, and is reported to moisturize hair, deeply clean the scalp, promote scalp circulation, and nourish the hair follicles. Dermenodex's formula also includes adenosine, which can stimulate follicle growth.

Dermenodex Shampoo's primary ingredients include panthenol, adenosine, soy protein, glycol and hydrolyzed RNA. The primary effectiveness of Dermenodex is in its ability to fight against DHT before it binds to and weakens hair.

Does it work? Many Dermenodex patients find that their hair is healthier and stronger after using this product. As adenosine improves hair follicle growth, other ingredients moisturize and cleanse the scalp, nourish weakened hair, and create an overall healthier feel and appearance. A few patients who used Dermenodex reported some shedding.

4) Phyto PhytoCyane Revitalizing Shampoo

Phyto is a hair care company that was founded by Patrick Alès, who at one time was a leading hair stylist in Paris; he even cared for the famous 'dos of Catherine Deneuvre and Jackie Kennedy. Phyto products like PhytoCyane Revitalizing Shampoo are especially formulated to treat hair loss conditions in women, which can have different causal factors compared to hair loss in men. PhytoCyane Revitalizing Shampoo uses ginkgo biloba, grape seed extracts, and surfactants to help wash away oils and impurities more easily.

PhytoCyane's primary ingredients include panthenol, ginkgo biloba, vitamin B6, grape seed extract, and citric acid.

Does it work? PhytoCyane, like the other Phyto products, mainly uses plant-derived, natural ingredients in its shampoo, to prevent overusage of chemical additives. Many consumers say that in addition to a reduced amount of hair loss throughout the day, PhytoCyane makes hair feel thicker and improves shine.

5) HairGenesis™ Revitalizing, Cleansing and Thickening Shampoo

HairGenesis has an entire line of hair care products, but the Revitalizing, Cleansing and Thickening Shampoo is chock full of natural herbs and vitamins that enrich the hair. HairGenesis Revitalizing Shampoo also uses anti-DHT properties to reduce the amount of DHT present in both the scalp and the hair follicles.

HairGenesis Revitalizing Cleansing and Thickening Shampoo's primary ingredients include saw palmetto berry extract, green tea extract, borage oil, biotin, citric acid, and evening primrose oil.

Does it work? HairGenesis' Revitalizing Shampoo is reported to help benefit hair loss patients in the early stages of thinning and reduced growth. HairGenesis uses saw palmetto berry extract to fight DHT in the scalp and hair follicles. The presence of borage oil and evening primrose oil are excellent sources of Omega 6's. These supplements serve as anti-inflammatories and a good source of nutrients for the hair. On average, HairGenesis users reported that the Revitalizing hair loss shampoo was a good cleanser, it helped minimize the appearance of thinning hair, and it didn't create buildup at the hair follicles.

*This list was created based on comparisons of online consumer product reviews and the informed opinions of HairLossSpecialists' representatives.

Treatments for Advanced Hair Loss

While these hair loss shampoos and topical treatments are beneficial solutions for premature thinning and hair loss, moderate hair loss and/or balding require more intensive treatments. As mentioned earlier, Propecia® and Rogaine® are two of the leading hair loss medications available today.

Propecia is an oral prescription medication that uses finasteride, a DHT blocker and suppressant, to restore hair loss and thinning hair. Rogaine is an over-the-counter topical treatment that uses minoxidil to halt hair loss development, as well as improve hair growth by maximizing hair follicles' potassium channels. Propecia is only prescribed to men, as it can create side effects in pregnant women.

But even Rogaine and Propecia will be hard-pressed to correct full male pattern baldness or female alopecia. If you are currently dealing with bald spots or total baldness on the scalp, the only effective hair loss treatment option is hair transplant surgery. To determine if you are a candidate for hair transplantation surgery, it's best to have a hair loss consultation with a hair restoration specialist in your area.

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