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Bosley Hair Restoration - Sacramento

Hair loss is an extremely sensitive subject to both men and women; with so much social pressure put on having great hair, it’s nice to know there are viable surgical hair loss treatment options. Medical Hair Restoration in Sacramento, CA, is dedicated to restoring your hair and creating a natural full look. MHR is the best network of hair transplant clinics in the country. This is because MHR has more board certified hair transplant surgeons than anywhere else. Experts like Medical Hair Restoration make it easy to choose a hair loss treatment surgeon in Sacramento, CA to permanently restore your own natural growing hair.

This Medical Hair Restoration clinic in Sacramento uses the latest in hair loss treatments like follicular unit transplantation. The follicular unit is the most natural state of a hair follicle and each Follicular unit can consist of 1, 2, or even 3 hairs. An MHR of Sacramento hair transplant surgeon will preserve the natural composition of your follicular unit; this both maximizes the donor hair supply and makes for natural results. Micro-grafting each hair might seem like a tedious prospect, but the hair restoration results speak for themselves.

Medical Hair Restoration offers complimentary consultations in Sacramento, so you can meet with a hair loss specialist who can answer all your questions. You’ll experience an advanced magnified scalp analysis; a video-microscope inspects your hair at 50x magnification. This is so Sacramento’s hair loss specialists can differentiate between stable and unstable hair follicles.

Medical Hair Restoration in Sacramento, CA, currently only offers surgical consultations at this location. If you and your Sacramento MHR hair loss specialist determine that hair transplant surgery is a viable option, the actual treatment is available in San Francisco.  If you’re ready to meet with an experienced hair transplant surgeon in Sacramento, CA, then it might be time to schedule your FREE consultation with Medical Hair Restoration of Sacramento, CA.

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