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Attentive of My Goals. Recommend FUE.
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CR spent $14,895 in Dublin, OH

Dr. K and the Bosley staff in Columbus were extremely thorough and professional in all aspects of the procedure. I was very satisfied with the senior counselor and Dr. K upon my consultation. From the start, they were attentive to my goals. I was more than satisfied with the surgery teams dedication and hard work during my procedure as it lasted all day. As I looked in the mirror for the first time post procedure, although there was the expected inflammation, I could already see how my hairline, which had receded substantially in past years, had returned to where it had been 10 years earlier. Although I will have to wait months for it to grow, I am excited to see my hair return. Only mild pain and itching for the past two weeks and most of that has subsided now. I can't thank this group enough for their kindness, understanding and professionalism and would recommend Bosley of Columbus to anyone who is considering the FUE procedure.

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