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Laser Combs: Shining the Light on Hair Loss

Welcome back to another one of SignatureForum's Hair Restoration Newsletters. This month we've decided to examine one of the most exciting pieces of hair restoration technology: laser hair therapy. We all know what lasers can do for removing unwanted hair; however, advanced medical lasers can also promote hair growth as well. Laser hair restoration started becoming available at hair loss centers in the 90's, and had been used in Europe for restoring hairlines since the 1980's. However, it's the recent advent of smaller, at-home laser hair restoration combs that have really brought this technology into the main stream.

Review of Laser Comb Technology

Laser combs are essentially a pared down version of the large laser hair therapy machines found in hair loss clinics. They work by the same principle of Low Level Light Therapies (LLLT). This means is that laser hair growth combs incorporates cold lasers. Unlike other dermal lasers, laser combs do not emit heat, which makes them both painless and non-harmful. LLLT increases blood flow to the scalp, and poor blood circulation to hair follicles is what some researchers believe is a major component to baldness.

Laser Comb Results

Laser energy helps hair grow in both thicker and stronger. Studies suggest that the results of laser combs a very comparable to those of Rogaine® and Propecia®. Like these hair restoration products, laser combs are best suited for stopping and preventing hair loss. However, hair laser technology has proven to be much better at stimulating hair growth than Rogaine or Propecia. During FDA trials, patients saw a 93% increase in hair density with laser combs. Also, the at-home convenience of laser combs makes it the ideal choice for many consumers. Although, the best application of laser technology is utilizing the comb in conjunction to follicular hair transplants, laser combs and laser hair therapy sessions can help new transplants flourish.

Where to Purchase Laser Combs

Two popular brands of laser combs include the HairMax and the Rezultz Laser Combs. These combs are FDA approved and available at most hair restoration clinics. Companies like the SignatureForum network member, Medical Hair Restoration sell the Rezultz Laser Comb to help make nurturing new hair transplants a more convenient process. Easier treatments equals better hair results.

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As always, thanks for reading this edition of the Hair Restoration Newsletter. For more information about laser combs or LLLT technology, feel free to Contact Us with any questions you may have, or visit for further details on other hair treatment options or to speak with a guest services liaison about scheduling a consultation with a hair loss specialist near you.

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