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The Myths of “Miracle” Hair Regrowth

It may be the fodder of late night infomercials, but there is no denying that at-home hair regrowth products are big business these days. The question is, are these so-called “miracle” hair restoration products too good to be true, or can they really achieve hair re-growth? This month’s SignatureForum Hair Restoration Newsletter will take a closer look at hair growth products to help you decide which ones are the real deal and which ones are the real duds.


One of the most popular hair growth products on the market. Propecia® was originally developed to shrink enlarged prostates, but a side effect found during research just so happened to be decreased hair loss. Propecia® decreases the hormone DHT (the hormone that causes hair loss to occur), but it doesn’t eliminate DHT or directly stimulate hair growth. Propecia® works best for slowing down hair loss, as opposed to encouraging new hairs to grow.


We’ve all probably heard of Rogaine® with Minoxidil, the wonder hair loss product of the '90s. Rogaine® become very popular because it was really one of the first hair loss products to actually deliver results. Rogaine increases blood flow to the scalp, which slows hair loss and promotes some hair regrowth. Like Propecia®, Rogaine® is really best suited for helping people keep the hair they still have, but some users have shown significant hair re-growth with the product, as well. Rogaine® and Propecia® have both been found to work great when used in conjunction with hair transplant surgery, strengthening and thickening newly transplanted hair follicles.

Other Hair Loss Products

Hair loss vitamins, shampoos, and other over-the-counter products provide very little in the way of actual results. Depending on the case, vitamins may work for some women, however, it’s far from a reliable hair loss product. Most hair loss shampoos will neither restore hair nor stop additional hair loss.

Usually, if a hair growth product seems too good to be true, it probably is. A bottled solution might have its benefits, but in the end, surgical hair restoration is still the only proven, efficient way to regrow large portions of your own, natural hair.

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