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Hair Transplants: The Evolution of Restoration

Hello again and welcome to the September edition of the SignatureForum Hair Restoration Newsletter. Last month, we presented a closer look at how today’s hair transplant surgeons use the latest technology and techniques to help patients with thinning hair lines. This time, we’ll be helping to bust one of the lingering myths about hair restoration: that it can’t create a natural look.

A Look Back

Without question, the origin of this unfortunate misconception can be found at the dawning of the hair transplant industry, back in the 1980s. Back then, hair restoration methods varied from doctor to doctor, and experts were still trying to determine the best way of transplanting hair follicle grafts successfully. For this reason, the ‘80s gave rise to quite a few victims of “bad hair plugs.” This was a direct result of the common practice of “punch grafting,” which involved surgeons transplanting large grafts of up to 30 hairs at a time into thinning areas on the scalp. While not harmful, this style of procedure wasn’t exactly convincing either. The grafts didn’t typically mesh together, creating an unnatural corn-row sort of appearance. This is the stereotype of the bad hair plug job that people still talk about (as recently as this political season, with rumors of Vice Presidential candidate Senator Joe Biden having undergone such a treatment years ago).

Today’s Hair Restoration Truths

For risk of using a cliché, that was then and this is now. Two decades have passed, and today’s version of hair transplant surgery bears very little resemblance to that of the punch grafting approach. In recent years, hair loss doctors at clinics like Medical Hair Restoration have devised a much more precise and effective method, which carefully transplants one follicular unit (about 2-4 hairs) at a time from the sides and back of the patient’s head into the thinning portions. These follicular units are permanent hairs, and they can be transplanted systematically with the help of today’s computer technology. The end result is a full, natural look that rarely raises any eyebrows of suspicion.

Summing Up

Ironically, the success of modern hair restoration might be one of the factors that has kept alive the myth of the “bad hair plugs.” Because today’s hair transplant patients are impossible to pick out of a crowd, people only notice the unlucky gentlemen who got their procedure in the bygone era of the punch graft. Fortunately, those of us in the know understand that the science of modern hair restoration trumps the myths. To find out more for yourself, check out our resources at or contact us at 866-471-8869 to schedule a free consultation with a hair restoration clinic near you.

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