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What’s the Right Age to Get Hair Transplants?

This month’s SignatureForum Hair Loss Treatment Newsletter covers a question that hair transplant surgeons hear on a regular basis: “Am I at the right age for getting hair restoration?”

The Senior Set

Usually, we associate hair loss treatments and hair transplant surgery with men in their 40s or 50s. However, hair loss casts a far wider net than this. Recently, this subject even found its way into the national political consciousness, first in the form of rumors regarding 65 year-old Senator Joe Biden’s supposed hair plugs, and later in an actual Presidential debate, when 72 year-old Senator John McCain jokingly stated, “Hair transplants, I might need some of those myself.” In truth, more and more senior citizens are choosing to undergo hair transplantation these days, taking advantage of new advanced procedures in order to reclaim the hair they’d lost decades earlier.

Freshman Follicles

While you’re never technically too old for hair restoration, there is a general consensus that a person can be too young for the treatment. For males, in particular, hair loss can begin to set in as early as your teen and college years, leading to inevitable self consciousness and serious consideration of a more permanent solution. Hair transplant surgery certainly offers that potential, but most doctors warn that patients should usually hold off on the procedure until their mid twenties. There are several reasons for this. First and foremost, extensive hair loss can be too difficult to predict in its early stages, and a premature transplant operation may not provide the natural look you’re hoping for when further hair loss ensues. Another key factor is the impulsiveness of youth. Hair restoration is a permanent procedure, and not something that should be motivated by anything other than mature, rational thought. By the age of 25, most prospective patients are at a point in their mindset and hair loss development that a strong, educated decision can be made.

So, am I a good age for hair transplants or what?

The only way to know for sure if you’re a good candidate for hair restoration is to meet with a hair loss specialist and discuss your condition and best options. SignatureForum and its sister site can schedule you free consultations with hair transplant clinics near you. Visit our sites for more info or contact us today at 866.471.8869.

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