` PRO-VAXA Fights Hair Loss During Menopause
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PRO-VAXA Fights Hair Loss During Menopause

by Alexandra Kilpatrick

The dietary supplement PRO-VAXA is now the preferred alternative to prescription medications and surgical treatments for fighting hair loss in women during menopause.

About 21 million women suffer from hair loss in the United States. PRO-VAXA reverses hair loss, restoring hair growth and stopping hair loss by using a powerful blend of natural ingredients.

Hair Loss Common for Women

While there’s a common misconception that hair loss and hair thinning and inherently male problems, hair loss is, in fact, very common for women, especially during menopause.

“I’ve always had very full, long hair and then suddenly with menopause, it began falling out in handfuls,” PRO-VAXA customer Chris S. told WebWire.com of the beginnings of her severe hair loss. “It was so bad, the shower drain would be filled with hair after showering. It wasn’t falling out in any particular area. Rather, it was thinning all over. I could literally see my scalp showing through. It was thin, straggly and ugly.”

Chris is not alone. Millions of other women across the world experience hair loss as they enter menopause. Hormonal imbalances can trigger hair loss in both women and men and therefore make it difficult for them to retain full hair coverage and density.


Scientifically formulated by heart surgeon and preventative health care expert Dr. Robert Carlson, PRO-VAXA helps to restore the natural hormonal balance and provide vital nourishment to hair follicles to support re-growth and maintenance.

Carlson successfully created a solution to hair loss in women by using only natural ingredients and sound scientific principals. Chris explains that while this hair loss supplement won’t improve hair coverage instantly, the results are excellent once it does start to work.

“I started taking 3 PRO-VAXA a day,” Chris S. explained to WebWire.com. “I can’t remember when I noticed shedding stopped, maybe the first or second month. By about the third month, my hair dresser saw stubble growing in the thinned areas. Now going into month five he says it’s really coming along nicely with the most growth in the crown area. I see him once a month, so he’s seen the consistent growth.

Hair Loss Trauma

“It’s very traumatic when you have long hair and suddenly it begins to fall out. I had nightmares about being bald and needing to buy wigs. I am very relieved I found PRO-VAXA. Highly recommend this especially for women going through menopause.”

Sold with a 90 day money-back guarantee, PRO-VAXA is a preferred option for fighting hair loss in both women and men, with none of the risks associated with costly surgery or pharmaceutical drugs.

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