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Can Hair Dye Cause Hair Loss?

Have you been noticing excessive amounts of hair in your hair brush, or in the shower drain? If you’re concerned about hair loss, there are many causes to consider. A variety of causes, such as heredity, hormones, and certain medications, can cause hair loss. If you have noticed that your own hair is thinning, you may even have questioned whether dyeing your hair has caused your hair to thin. This is, in fact, a common concern, among both men and women who dye their hair to conceal grays as they age, or simply to change their hair color. Can hair dye, in fact, cause individuals to lose their hair?

You have likely heard that the repeated use of hair dye can damage hair, and this is certainly true. Individuals who have dyed their hair for years often start to notice significant breakage and frizz, or that their hair is “fried.” Hair dye causes hair damage with consistent use, and can cause hair to become brittle and break. The chemicals used in hair dyes weaken the hair, and can cause breakage at the hair shaft. Especially when using hair dyes that are more than three shades away from your natural hair color, dyes can significantly harm the health of your hair.

While it is true that hair dyes can cause hair to weaken and break, they do not typically cause long-term hair loss. However, some individuals are allergic to hair dyes, and in these individuals, hair dye can cause hair to fall out. This condition, along with other common hair dye symptoms such as redness, burning, itching or raw skin, and even face swelling, are only temporary, and typically cease once you stop using the hair dye.

So, how can you use hair dye without risking hair loss? The best choice you can make is to go to a professional stylist. It is important to discuss with him or her the symptoms you have been experiencing. Often, at home hair dyes are more risky than those applied at a professional salon, because you may not be applying the dye properly, using hair dye that is not good for your hair, or leaving it on too long.

If you continue to experience hair loss after having your hair dyed by a professional, you should stop using hair dye altogether for several months. If you continue to experience hair loss after this time, then there is likely another issue at the root of your problem, and you should speak to a hair loss specialist to understand common causes of hair loss and what may be causing your hair to thin.

Many solutions are available to men and women experiencing hair loss. Permanent solutions include hair transplant surgery, laser hair therapy, and topical drugs and pills. Hair transplant surgery fully restores balding hairlines by transplanting healthy donor hairs from another area of the scalp. Laser hair loss treatments improve blood flow to the hair follicle, improving hair’s cellular metabolism and protein synthesis, and are often used in conjunction with hair transplants. Medical treatments like Propecia and Rogaine have often proven effective to combat hair loss, as well, but may not be used in women who are pregnant or may become pregnant.

These treatments have proven effective for many individuals to permanently improve hair growth and thickness. If you’re concerned that you are experiencing hair loss, and would like to learn more about potential causes and available solutions, contact Hair Loss Specialists today. We will set up your personal consultation with an licensed hair loss specialist in your area.

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