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Female Celebrity Hair Loss Cases

“Why don't female celebrities have hair loss?” That seems to be the burning question on every woman's mind who suffers from hair loss. As a woman, the loss of our hair can be tragic. We often hold onto our hair as a sign of our femininity, or at the very least a tool for cosmetic versatility. But even the most glamorous celebrities suffer from female hair loss, if you look close enough.

Neve Campbell

Neve Campbell, star of the Scream franchise, has revealed that she suffered from a type of hair loss called alopecia areata. It results in patchy hair loss. The direct causes of alopecia areata are unknown, but it's definitely linked to mental stress and psychological trauma. Neve started to suffer from alopecia during the onset of her acting career. “At 23, I developed alopecia,” the actress told the Daily Mail. “I was horribly overworked and going through a divorce. Also I had stalkers and started receiving threatening mail. I was so distressed by it all that my hair started falling out.” She's admitted to trying acupuncture treatments to cure her hair loss, but it didn't work. Neve's hair looks full and voluminous in Scream 4, so it's possible that she sought a more dramatic solution like a hair transplant.

Britney Spears

Yes, Britney Spears was the conspirator of her own hair loss. In February 2007, the troubled pop princess took a razor to her head at a San Fernando Valley hair salon. But after that incident, she's rarely been seen rocking her natural baldness-- except for that one time when she chased the paparazzi while wielding an umbrella. Today, Britney relies on extensions to keep her hair looking long. Despite her wealth and likely access to hair loss specialists, Britney is constantly photographed with bald spots, visible weave tracks, and a receding hair line. These more serious, involuntary forms of hair loss may be caused by all extensions and chemical products used her hair. She might make a good candidate for laser hair restoration.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is a costume extraordinaire. Her outfits have gone from a tad different to absolutely bizarre, with each look being more outrageous than the next. Hair plays a key role in each look. When she first jumped on the pop scene, Lady Gaga sported an obvious blonde wig that was shaped into bows, bobs, and bouffants. Since then, we've seen a lot more of her real hair. And beyond that, we've seen it in countless styles and colors. She showed up at this years Grammy's with neon yellow hair, has been photographed in candids with a silver mane, and she currently graces the May 2011 cover of Harper's Bazaar as a coppery redhead. There's no doubt that all of that major color change has done quite a number on Lady Gaga's scalp. She has to get “chemical haircuts” because “my blonde hair is falling out,“ the star told People. A chemical haircut is not really a haircut at all, but a term used in the hair industry to describe hair that breaks off and falls out due to over-processing. It's likely that Lady Gaga has an arsenal of hair loss solutions at her disposal, as she's never been photographed without a thick head of hair.


Judging from both her performance costumes and her gossip magazine candids, Fergie is a glamour girl. You'll never spot her looking disheveled, and that certainly applies to her hair. She's known to go back and forth between a dark brown and blonde, and for performances she often rocks a high, tight ponytail. So it's a wonder that she hasn't done anything about her noticeably wide hair line. Fergie usually parts her hair in the middle, which reveals a strip of scalp that's oddly wide. She may suffer from traction alopecia, which is a form of hair loss that's caused by too much physical stress on the scalp from extensions or tight updos.

Female Hair Loss Treatment Options

These female celebrities deal with hair loss-- some of them better than others. For us lay people, know that advanced technology in hair loss treatment options have made red carpet-ready hair possible for anyone. Surgical hair transplants and laser hair restoration are both effective and permanent ways to treat hair loss. If you want to stop suffering from female hair loss, contact us today and we'll set up a private consultation with a hair loss specialist in your area.

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