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Vancouver Hair Restoration: Bosley Medical

*This is a consult-only clinic. Vancouver hair transplant patients will be referred to the Bosley office in Seattle for surgery.

For safe, effective and professional hair restoration services in Vancouver, BC, many locals visit Bosley Hair Restoration. The Bosley clinic is located near Richmond, North Vancouver, Surrey, Port Coquitlam, Burnaby and New Westminster. Hair transplant consultations, laser hair therapy, Propecia, Rogaine and topical hair loss products are some of the top services requested there.

Bosley Medical, originally founded in 1972, has been helping thousands of hair loss patients in Vancouver and North America find proven, modern hair restoration solutions for over 30 years. Bosley’s dedicated staff is comprised of highly trained hair restoration consultants, and licensed and experienced hair transplant surgeons.

Vancouver hair transplant patients will receive a free consultation on their first trip to Bosley. This appointment involves an in-depth discussion of the patient’s hair loss condition and treatment options in Vancouver, as well as a hair and scalp analysis with a Bosley professional.

To schedule your own complimentary consultation for hair transplant surgery in Vancouver, BC, or to learn more about Bosley’s incredible Vancouver hair loss treatments, contact us today!

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