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Hair Restoration for Women

Treating hair loss surgically
Before surgical hair restoration begins, the donor area must be evaluated. This is the section at the back and sides of the head that, in the case of hereditary female hair loss, contains hair follicles with the genetic instructions to resist balding. When the cause of a woman's hair loss is not hereditary, the area still needs sufficient hair density, as it will still be the source of transplanted hair.

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From the donor area, a narrow strip of tissue is extracted and, through a magnified process, the hair in this section is separated into smaller units of follicles. The follicular units are carefully prepped for transplantation. With artistic detail, they are strategically relocated to the areas of thinning hair.

Follicular units with just one or two follicles are moved to the front of the head where they're precisely placed at varied angles to form a well-blended hairline. Additional follicular units are placed further back on the head where they can provide density and add volume to the larger sections of hair loss.

Surgical hair restoration for women is customized for each patient since female hair loss can be quite unique. The final results are remarkably natural and last for a lifetime!

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