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Female Hair Loss Treatments

Alternatives to Surgery
Propecia® and Rogaine® are the only two hair loss medications approved by the FDA. However, while both are effective for men, only Rogaine is an approved hair loss treatment for women.

Rogaine® for Women
Women's Rogaine® is an over-the-counter hair loss treatment for women that can provide a defense against the initial stages of hair loss. Rogaine for women can also sometimes be used after hair transplantation to promote new hair growth. The first FDA-approved unisex hair loss drug, it is a topical solution, so patients apply it directly onto the scalp in the thinning areas.

Extensions, Weaves, and Hair Replacement Systems
Many women turn to extensions, weaves, wigs, and hair systems as a non-surgical alternative to hair restoration surgery. While not necessarily a hair loss treatment for women, hair replacement systems can be temporary relief for those unable to grow hair. Common hair system materials include human hair, synthetic fibers, or a combination of hair and fibers. Hair replacement systems, as opposed to extension, have grown in popularity with women because of their comfortable fit and more life like looks.

Vitamins for Hair Loss in Women
Some health experts believe that for some women hair loss is caused by a vitamin deficiency. So, a simple hair loss treatment for women could include a daily vitamin high in iron and vitamin C. A vitamin supplement as a hair loss cure only works for women (sorry, guys). Whether vitamins really work to restore hair is unknown, but it couldn't hurt and could be a good first step if you notice early hair loss.

Hair Loss Shampoos
There are a number of different shampoos on the market that claim to fight hair loss. Everyone has their theories about hair loss and some experts believe hair loss can be caused through an autoimmune disease that recognizes a balding woman's own hair follicles as foreign proteins that need to be eliminated. Hair loss shampoos are marketed to clean each follicle completely of accumulated oil and debris, and to ensure you that your follicles are not mistaken as foreign proteins. Like vitamins, the results of hair loss shampoos for women are somewhat questionable, but they certainly cannot hurt.

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