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Hair Loss Specialists is the web's premiere resource for those seeking permanent hair loss treatments. From advanced hair transplant surgery to oral and topical hair restoration options, we have the web's largest archive of REAL, VERIFIED consumer reviews covering the hair loss industry. HLS also works with a national network of renowned, licensed hair transplant surgeons, all available to answer your questions or meet with you for a consultation! To get started, browse the options below or contact us directly to speak with a friendly customer service liaison.

Hair Loss Treatments

Laser Hair Therapy

Laser Hair Therapy provides a hi-tech hair loss solution. Laser Hair Therapy uses advanced laser energy to stimulate hair regrowth. At-home laser therapy options like the laser comb are also available.

Other Non-Surgical Hair Loss Treatments

Hair Replacement Systems are an inexpensive alternative to hair transplantation, Rogaine, or Propecia. Other low cost hair restoration treatments include hair loss shampoo and vitamins for hair loss.

Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair Transplant Surgery is one of the best ways to restore natural hair growth. Scientific breakthroughs like FUE and NeoGrafts have revolutionized the field of hair restoration. Other techniques like eyebrow transplants are also becoming more widely available.

Hair Restoration

Hair restoration offers both surgical as well as several other non-surgical hair growth options. Alternative hair loss treatments include Propecia and Rogaine.

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Recent Hair Loss News

Fight Cancer, Keep Your Hair: A Radiation Remedy?

Lynn Malayter was shocked to be diagnosed with breast cancer nearly two years ago. After she started chemotherapy and began losing her hair, her husband shaved her head. She bought scarves, hats and wigs to cover her head, which was constantly cold. “2013 was a challenge, but we overcame it,” Malayter told WISC-TV. “To maintain a sense of normalcy would have been really nice.” University of Wisconsin oncology professor William Fahl recently led a preclinical study to help prevent hair loss …Read More

Senior Explores Laser Treatments for Hair Loss

When Mercedes Lopez first noticed her hair falling out in the shower, she didn’t pay much attention to it, but soon enough, entire clumps were falling out in her hands. “It was getting worse and worse,” Lopez explained to the Miami Herald . The 76-year-old purchased over-the-counter creams and pills that unfortunately just didn’t work. Her hairline was dramatically receding and she was unable to style her hair at all. “When you lose your hair, you feel ashamed,” Lopez told the Herald . “I …Read More

5 Misconceptions about Baldness

Pinpointing one cause of hair loss is difficult, since genetic, hormonal and environmental factors all contribute to the condition. Male pattern baldness affects over 95 percent of male hair loss sufferers. However, around 40 percent of all hair loss sufferers in the United States are women. Medical Daily analyzed five common misconceptions surrounding hair loss and its causes and clarified what’s fact and what’s fiction. Wearing a hat causes hair loss Wearing a hat so tight that it cuts off …Read More